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Intellectual Capital is Your Company's Greatest Asset

Zinging along genetically hardwired neural pathways are each individual's potential and the potential for the future of every organization. BrainStyles has been used by some of the largest and most forward-thinking organizations in the world. For more than 20 years, managers, HR teams, and business coaches have used The BrainStyles System® to maximize the potential of their teams and minimize the friction in working together.

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Leadership and Coaching

BrainStyles allows teachers or executives to work more confidently from their natural strengths to become mentors. They can then bring out the best in their students, peers, or direct reports by assigning roles and tasks based on their natural abilities. BrainStyles offers strategies to develop others in risk-taking, delegation, meetings, conflicts, and decision-making situations.

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BrainStyles allows the capable counselor to assist clients in re-evaluating who they are most naturally, separating an authentic self-definition from an acquired or imposed self-image designed to please or fulfill an unrealistic idea about who they should be. Career choices can be centered on realistic expectations. Relationships mend once the parties involved accept themselves just as they are and offer their partner the same understanding of gifts and limitations.

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Team Development

BrainStyles defines individual strengths so that people know what can really expect of others. A team culture develops where honesty and merit encourage individual excellence. Unique solutions for teams have been created that leverage brainstyle timing in meetings, project assignments, conflict resolution, and decision-making situations. BrainStyles can also be customized to address educational and professional settings. Business strategies evolve for team-to-team collaboration, vendor partnerships, and client relationships.

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Hiring and Diversity

It is especially critical that leaders hire for timing differences and provide a safe environment for their use. When people are hired because they think like the employer rather than for the mental synergy they can bring, relationships and politics often move to the center stage, while productivity suffers from mediocre results, cost overruns, and long timelines. When you seek diversity in thinking style, the contrast of ideas and excellence of output can add massive contributions to your productivity and bottom line.

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Need a coach for your next training workshop or executive coaching? A certified BrainStyles coach can help you and your teams achieve a deeper level of understanding and mastery. Our network of professional executive and life coaches is thoroughly vetted and trained in the BrainStyles System.

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Look Past What You Can See and Take Action Based on the Strengths Beneath.

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