About BrainStyles

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What is a BrainStyle™?

Thinking about anything requires the left and right sides of your brain to have a conversation, which happens across miles of neural pathways. Your natural abilities are revealed in moments of decision-making, specifically at the moment you make a new decision for the first time. You draw most naturally from the areas of the brain you can access most efficiently and effortlessly.Your brainstyle is you at your best, most natural, and most able.

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Other assessments tell you how others see you. BrainStyles™ describes you as you truly are.

BrainStyles™ is a LifeStyle

BrainStyles is a framework for understanding how you interact with others. When you invest in understanding your brainstyle, you'll be encouraged to understand the brainstyle of others, too. You'll use timing to react less, respect the way others think, and see life as an opportunity to use your strengths everywhere and support others without even thinking.

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Stages to Mastery

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1. Awareness

You'll recognize your own strengths, and realize the potential that lies in understanding the strengths of others.

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2. Openness

You'll start to identify the BrainStyles of others, and begin to see the possibilities for greater understanding.


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3. Power Position

You'll become neutral about others' behaviors, notice the gifts beneath, release old judgements, and apply timing to work through issues.

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4. Acceptance

You'll be more sure of yourself, let go of the need to please or control, and start re-evaluating your relationships. 

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5. Mastery

Mastering BrainStyles techniques allows you to be neutral in any setting and group with limitless possibilities to apply your strengths.


BrainStyles looks past what you can see. It is about how you take action. It is useful.

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BrainStyles Goes Deeper

Everything in life rests in our ability to make decisions. Some decisions are instinctive, while others are based on learned behavior and experiences. Other personality assessments, like the Enneagram, or Myers Briggs, offer a way for others to view you and ways to adapt to others by learning new skills or techniques.

But BrainStyles teaches you how to leverage your natural gifts and let the strengths of those around you to shine without changing who you are. BrainStyles shows you how to be yourself more easily and naturally despite what others think, do, or believe.