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People often look to personality assessments and self-help books to improve who they are instead of making the most of how they naturally operate. The BrainStyles System® will help you discover your natural, hardwired brainstyle and show you how to use your unique gifts to improve relationships, grow as a leader, build teams, and minimize stress and conflict in your life.

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Relationships are the reason we agree to live and love. BrainStyles™ will give you and your partner the tools to engage in a new level of intimacy that no other test or assessment can provide. It's a system for acknowledging and appreciating differences and creating space for one another's unique strengths and individuality in a relationship.

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Managers & Teams

BrainStyles has been used by some of the largest and most forward-thinking organizations in the world. For more than 20 years, managers, HR teams, educators, and business coaches have used The BrainStyles System® to maximize the potential of their teams and minimize the friction in working together.

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Coaches & Trainers

When coaches add BrainStyles to their toolbox, it allows them to deliver a clear impact on the performance culture of a group, company, or department by allowing its members to maximize their contributions according to their unique strengths. Clients like Procter & Gamble have used BrainStyles to set manageable targets, allow for time where it is needed most, track progress, and more than double performance.

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