The 4 BrainStyles

BrainStyles™ takes the familiar "left brain, right brain" understanding of how the brain works and expands it into four distinct brainstyles. The underlying neurological research proves that these types have different rates of access to the left brain and right brain and different levels of connection between the two. The result is a framework that's easy to remember and apply.


The Knower, man sailing a boat pointing the direction.

Does your direct approach intimidate others?

  • Does your direct approach intimidate others?
  • Do you usually get to a workable answer first, then impatiently wait for others to figure it out?
  • Do you put feelings aside to get a solution?
  • Is small talk somewhat taxing?
  • Is working alone more efficient and preferable than gathering consensus?
  • Can you instantly see what (or who) is causing the problem, and have no qualms about saying so?

The Knower: A person who perceives with certainty in new situations.

Take the Assessment

Are you the warm and off-the-wall brainstormer?

  • Are you more spontaneous and insightful first, then later re-think your ideas and change your mind with second thoughts?
  • Are you best at brainstorming?
  • Do you go from tough to tender and back again?
  • Do you get passionate and excited about your ideas?
  • Do you just know when it is right?
  • Are spreadsheets and cost analyses intimidating or stressful?
  • Are you good at reading people, or sensing when there is a problem?
  • Do you avoid conflict unless you're the one doing the confronting?

The Conciliator: A person who seeks harmony first, makes connections, and accesses intuition before facts or logic.

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The Consiliator, friendly woman having a conversation on a podcast.
The Concepter, man holding cube, studying it.

Are you the one who re-frames the whole project?

  • Do you often point out patterns that others miss?
  • Do you enjoy spending time turning ideas into money-making solutions?
  • Do you live in your head with your ideas instead of being social?
  • Do you live in the future?
  • Do you learn and speak visually?
  • Do you think in pictures?
  • Are you best at the beginning and terrible at follow-through?

The Conceptor: A person who first forms general notions by mentally combining all the specifics.

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Are you the reality minder in the group?

  • Are you the one who gets things organized?
  • Does being a perfectionist seem like a feature rather than a bug to you?
  • Are you the one who sees what's missing?
  • Are you the standard setter?
  • Are you more thoughtful and analytical at first, then later more emotional or disengaged?
  • Do you look for the process to get things right and workable?
  • Are you the innovator that figures out a better, faster, cheaper way?
  • Do you avoid conflict with reason and discussion?

The Deliberator: A person who accesses memory first to assess the present against precedents before deciding.

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The Deliberator, analytically-minded person.