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BrainStyles for Lovers™ (Book) 19-S-GA-SP

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BrainStyles for Lovers:

Create Partnerships That Change Your Life Without Changing Who You Are

Know your BrainStyle and how to react under stress without changing who you are. Your brainstyle is your particular set of gifts, the essence of who you are. Neurological research has shown that the left and right sides of the brain are accessed at different speeds, and in varying sequences in different people. This is critically important when making decisions. So important that relationships and businesses pivot around them. By understanding how your brainstyle mandates your decisions, you can deliver your best in any relationship and on any project. Includes easy to read summarized charts, quizzes, and methods for using gimmick-free timing and respect instead of persuasion and manipulation.

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Product Details

    Paperback: 256 pages
    Publisher: Brown Books (2004)
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 0963440624
    ISBN-13: 978-0963440624