The BrainStyle Inventory 2.0© Online Self Test

The BrainStyle Inventory© 2.0 Online Self Test
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The validated test to identify your unique brainstyle™ with 15 pages of information on all the brainstyles.

Take the self-scoring test online. You'll receive an in-depth, three-part analysis of your BrainStyle strengths that will give you an overview of The BrainStyles System. Summary Charts show easy-to-apply comparisons of the brainstyles in a variety of situations. The BrainStyle Inventory has been validated both in the U.S. and Mexico to accurately describe the strengths of 9 out of 10 people who take it. Those who take the Inventory and do not agree with the interpretation have gained personal insights that helped create new opportunities for their career or relationships. A brainstyle defines what you can be counted on to deliver. Defining your brainstyle is a way to define you at your best, most natural, and therefore most powerful self. Once defined, you are shown how to leverage your natural gift rather than try to change or adapt to others' expectations