Each of us has a natural brainstyle wired from our genes. Your brainstyle is your particular set of gifts, the essence of who you are. Neurological research has shown that areas in the left and right sides of the brain are accessed at different speeds, and in varying sequences, in different people. A brainstyle is shorthand for your access to the areas of your brain that are easiest for you to draw from. This is critically important when making new and stressful decisions ---so important that all relationships at home and at work pivot around these events. By understanding how your brainstyle mandates your decisions, you can deliver your best in relationships, as an entrepreneur, leader, parent, or partner. Honoring your own unique way of thinking automatically allows you to respect the way others think.

You may have taken personality tests and found the results descriptive and intriguing. They often offer a way others view you and offer ways to adapt to others by learning new skills or techniques.  BrainStyles disputes these manipulations and shows you how to be yourself more easily and naturally. 

A coach tells why she no longer uses the Myers-Briggs Temperament Instrument: "It tells you ways to change. People forget their profile.  BrainStyles sticks."

Most of these assessments were derived from insights of Carl Jung (1921) and other practitioners using accepted psychological principles of the early 20th century: notably sociology from Max Weber, (1864- 1920) and behavioral psychology from B.F. Skinner (1904-1990). Older psychological systems, based on the premise that we are products of our environments, have been radically challenged by new science. The intensive brain research begun with Roger Sperry’s Nobel Prize of 1981 opened the world of left and right brain differences and launched a new paradigm. The mapping of the human genome (2003) and exploration of our genetic makeup continues to reveal what creates our natural gifts.


Solutions suggesting behavioral change and adaptation have been re-evaluated. Long term studies of identical twins raised separately reached very different conclusions about the parenting mandates of yesterday.* Workplace applications of BrainStyles incorporating the concepts of brain-based gifts** and brain speed identified new leaders who were previously disregarded or worse, told to change to keep their jobs. Work teams reduced time lines with increased respect and confidence for team members. Executives re-examined performance appraisals and promotions.

The BrainStyles System goes beyond personality to the genetic brain hardware that defines the natural strengths you use to be who you are when you are at your best ---at home, at work and at play--and shows you how to use them without trying to change anyone.

The BrainStyles System utilizes a variety of tools: well-researched, engaging real-life stories, online self-tests
(called Inventories), personal coaching, and professional training seminars.

What is your natural brainstyle? How can you make it work for you more effectively?

Learn how you can Change Your Life WITHOUT Changing Who You AreSM.  Take The BrainStyle Inventory© 2.0 to find out where your natural gifts lie and how to focus on them. Learn how others' gifts are your non-strengths, so you can quit  self-criticism or hero worship of role models. Become your own role model. Reclaim who you are naturally. Be your best. Bring out the best in others.

* A summary of recent research on Nature v. Nurture referring to the longitudinal twins studies can be found at :

** Take a look at what “gifts” really mean at

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