Below, you will find an Inventories List which displays any BrainStyles™ Personal Inventories which you have purchased ( or claimed - keep reading! ).  They will remain available for 60 days after they were purchased.

Starting Your Inventory

Because interpreting the results of a BrainStyles Inventory requires more information about the Participant than simply purchasing the Inventory, the Participant will be required to fully complete their Member Profile before a Start button becomes available to them.  Clicking the Start button begins the Inventory.

A BrainStyle™ Inventory consists of a series of questions which asks you to rate how strongly you agree with one of the two statements, A or B.  Choose a circle nearer to the statement you agree with most, then click Continue.  (You will not be given another opportunity to review your selection once you submit it.

Sharing Your Inventory

If you purchased the Inventory, you may complete it yourself by clicking the green Start button, or you may give it to another person by clicking the Send button, which will permit this website to extend an invitation to another person via email. The recipient will be required to register with in order to Claim it. (Only the individual who completes the inventory will be able to view the resulting Summary Report which is generated from their Inventory responses.). Until they Claim it, you will still be able to Start the inventory yourself, OR you can Resend it to a different email address.

Claiming Your Inventory

If you have received an invitation (from a Certified BrainStyles™ Professional OR from an acquaintance who purchased it), you may use the Key Code included in that invitation to Claim it - but you will NOT be able to transfer it to anyone else.

Until the recipient of an Invitation claims the Inventory (or the Inventory expires), the original owner may rescind that invitation by inviting someone else or completing it, themselves.

If you have any difficulties completing the following Inventory due to browser failure, please try again using Google Chrome. If difficulties persist, you may contact our support team directly.

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