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Marlane 250Marlane Miller"To improve yourself, be more yourself. To create a long-lasting partnership, stop trying to change yourself or your partner.

Go beyond personality types and self-help books. Redefine yourself from within. Start by learning about and then applying your natural, hardwired BrainStyle to grow as a leader, build teams naturally without long lists of behavioral descriptions, while you reduce stress and conflict.

"Each of us has a natural BrainStyle wired from our genes. Your BrainStyle is a core set of gifts, the essence of what you have to give. You may have taken any number of personality tests, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, but have they taught you how to leverage and apply your hardwiring? Do you know how to take advantage of differences?  The BrainStyles System® offers leaders, managers, HR professionals and Executive Instructors tools for working one on one, making clear organizational assessments, and building teams with proven strategies that are simple to use in stress situations.

I invite you to explore our web site. Learn how BrainStyles was born in a business setting instead of a classroom. Explore how you can get behind behaviors and appearances to the gifts beneath. No more tricks or communication techniques, just you being you at your best, using your natural BrainStyle."

Marlane Miller
Author, Developer and Researcher of The BrainStyles System,
Founder of the international licensing organization, BrainStyles, Inc.



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