Discover Your BrainStyle™

Improve your life without changing who you are.

Discover Your BrainStyle

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What is a BrainStyle™?

Each of us is born with a distinct genetic profile hardwired in our brains. A powerful gift that is the essence of who you are, how you think, and how you help others. It is the language of how you comprehend the world and make decisions. When you discover your brainstyle, you can experience powerful transformations in your life and the lives of those around you.

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Improve Yourself by Being Yourself

The BrainStyles System® can help you discover who you are at the core, and how to use the BrainStyle™ you were born with to unlock doors to success both in business and at home. The best part – you do it just as you are. No drastic change required. Leverage the greatest asset you have – the one between your ears – in its natural state, the way it works best. Unlock your brain power and use it to complement those you work and live with every day. Understand your natural gifts. Be your best. Get more out of life!

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Grow as a leader, build teams naturally, and reduce stress and conflict.



Master your relationships at home and in business.

The BrainStyles System® is designed to help you create partnerships that can change your life without changing you. By understanding your BrainStyle™ you can offer your best talents in any relationship or on any project without compromising what makes you unique.

You’ll get real advice and proven methods for accomplishing your goals and dreams using timing instead of coercion and manipulation.

L O V E M O R E . W O R R Y L E S S .

The BrainStyles System®

Change Your Life Without Changing Who YOU Are ℠

Instead of trying to Change who you are, use your BrainStyle to unlock the Gifts you already have.

Brands That Have Used BrainStyles

Procter & Gamble
United Way
JC Penny
Frito Lay
Dallas Independent School District
American Cancer Society

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Out of Limits come Limitless Possibilities. Make your BrainStyle work for you.

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Timing is the Problem. Timing is the Solution.

Our brains access information from the left side (logic) and the right side (emotion) at different speeds, and in different sequences – a process called brainspeed timing. BrainStyles is an accurate method for identifying natural strengths by learning how the brain uses timing in new decision-making situations. When people learn how they take in and process information in the easiest, effortless, and natural way, they have the basis for a whole lifestyle that is centered, authentic, and focused, and that does not require effort or change.

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