BrainStyles Coach / Instructor Training

BrainStyles Training
$2,500.00 each

Price pre attendee.

Consider teaching others in all walks of life a conscious, focused method of living from natural gifts called BrainStyles. Join the growing ranks of coaches and instructors in the U.S., Mexico, Latin America, the Far East and Europe who provide seminars, workshops, and speeches; coach executives or individuals to enjoy more productive lives; consult to teams to improve their performance and satisfaction. The BrainStyles System is especially applicable to global companies who prepare and send employees abroad, or who have a very diverse workforce that needs to learn how to get beyond race, gender and culture to leverage strengths authentically. "[The certification seminar] affirmed in no uncertain terms the life-changing quality of the BrainStyles information. It was a professional, compassionate climate in which personal growth was encouraged. That is a rare quality to find in the business world. The training itself was very well organized, and the delivery team…was wonderful. Both of you showed a depth of knowledge, a sense of teamwork and a true emphasis on delivery of the vast amount of material…" Features Use three different BrainStyle Inventories© , two seminar work books and instructor guide with PowerPoint slides, written coaching tools, a team assessment and action planning guides, and the extraordinary BrainStyles methodology. Requirements: Pre-Approval of Partner Application sent electronically.