Fran Ferguson
Executive Coach
Brave Business
Miscellaneous Information:

Fran Ferguson, Business Advisor, Executive Coach

BrainStyle: Right-Sided Deliberator

Fran is a Principal with Brave Business. She is responsible for evaluating business plans for raising capital and for coaching management team members personally and professionally to improve the performance of the company, She is affiliated with one of the largest troubled-company specialist firms.

In her corporate and advisory positions, Fran is hired to address the problems affecting an organization's ability to compete. The solution to those problems resides in her ability to turn executives, managers, staff, and vendors into better business people. Fran works closely with individuals to assure forward movement on a well-defined course, holding the focus on steps they can complete successfully, and transitioning them into roles that best utilize their expertise.

Blending analytical strength with creativity, Fran especially is effective at identifying and neutralizing counterproductive cause-and-effects; designing culturally-correct processes that support the revenue stream; selecting, developing, and driving a synergistic multi-disciplined team; and addressing the emotional and psychological issues that come with change.

She has more than 30 years of experience starting up or turning around sales, marketing, and business development operations. She has worked with small to mid-sized companies; non-profit organizations; and international professional services firms in commercial real estate, financial services, and corporate law. She also has assisted global environmental, conservation, and faith-based organizations. Fran has been a principal, owner, or partner in five privately-held businesses.

Fran has a Masters degree in International Management from the University of Texas School of Management (Dallas) and a Bachelors degree from the University of Missouri School of Journalism. She is registered with the Texas State Securities Board as a securities dealer restricted to activities as a Finder. Fran also holds the following certifications:

  • The BrainStyles System® Instructor/Coach
  • Pearson Assessments, Level 2 (psychological assessments relating to career planning, interests, skills, work environment, and general exploration of options for career change, retraining, or re-entry into the workforce)
  • SpiritHorse Equine-Assisted Healthcare Instructor (a process proven to be effective in moving "severely autistic" children to "significantly improved" and "non-autistic" on the CARS scale)