BrainStyles Coaches

BrainStyles CoachingThe BrainStyles™ Coaches.

You can benefit from having a professionally trained and certified coach facilitate the BrainStylesTM Program for your organization. See our list of coaches below. 

  • Constance Clancy

    Integrative Life Enhancement Coach
    Aspen, CO, US
    Phone: (970) 376-4163

    Dr. Constance Clancy-FisherMental Health Counselor, Certified Hypnotherapist, Integrative Life Enhancement Coach

    Brainstyle: Multi-talented Deliberator

    Dr. Constance Clancy-Fisher is a licensed and nationally certified Mental Health Counselor, Certified Hypnotherapist, Integrative Life Enhancement Coach, Certified BrainStyles™ Coach, author, public speaker and seminar facilitator.

    Constance holds a Doctorate degree in Education from Nova University and a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Sam Houston State University.

    She began her career as a school teacher in 1979, and quickly saw the need for individualized counseling among her students. She began her counseling career in Southwest Florida over 25 years ago. She now works from Aspen, CO. with an ongoing psychotherapy practice, using tele-counseling to work with clients nationwide. Connie is an eclectic psychotherapist in her practice and uses a variety of counseling approaches that best suit her clients’ needs.

    Recently, Connie has been certified in The Brainstyles System®, based on the books BrainStyles™:Change Your Life Without Changing Who You AreSM, and BrainStyles for Lovers to identify and live from brain-based gifts rather than to try to change, adapt, or fit in. An essential tool in discovering hardwired strengths, defining one’s brainstyle gives a core set of gifts that develop into personal Mastery over a lifetime.

    Connie’s practice is to assist her clients to discover and walk along their own path to personal Purpose and fulfillment. Whether individually or as a couple, she finds that people have a misconception that there is something wrong with them and they need fixing. Her practice helps discover the truth that we were all born with beautiful souls. That soul needs to be awakened to remember who we are as an essence of pure love and light. All we have to do is open to the wisdom and answers that are within.

    Connie is the author of The Gift of Change, Embracing Challenges Today for a Promising Tomorrow, (Balboa Press, 2013), and Surviving Stress with a Healing Heart, (Whitehall Press, 2002). She has professionally recorded a mindfulness meditation CD and offers recorded meditations for client needs.

    Her recent book addresses challenges that promote transformation. The reader is led to examine how to make changes that reflect personal identity and lead to achievement. Loss is inevitable in this life and very real to each of us regardless of the intensity. Her practice also deals with transforming stress and healing after loss and trauma. The Gift of Change presents ways of exploring challenges faced on a daily basis with healthier choices that lead to a fulfilled life with more joy and wholeness.

    Constance facilitates positive change and healing to guide her clients to thrive on every level of mind, body, spirit and emotions to live life as a whole and complete YOU that has always been there.

  • Mike Policastro

    Executive Coach

    Mike PolicastroLine Executive, Executive Coach

    Brainstyle: Deliberator

    Michael has spent his career at Procter & Gamble as a Supply Chain executive in both line management and organization capability development roles.

    His development of others using The BrainStyles System® began in 1988, and led to extensive experience in building high performance organizational leadership of teams and individuals in office and manufacturing settings.

    Mike’s outstanding skills in working with people contributed to numerous breakthrough results and new capabilities within P&G. This included his leadership building a seamless technical community partnership between R&D and Product Supply, active leadership on global category business teams, design and implementation of supply chain transformations, and development of management training programs.

    His roles across the breadth of global positions included every aspect of the Supply Chain process including: customer value creation; physical distribution; manufacturing plant leadership; integrated business planning; supplier development; upstream innovation; and platform management.

    Mike has experience working across regions, global cultures, functional boundaries, as well as leading the integration of merger and acquisition companies for P&G.  As a respected corporate supply chain operations leader, he authored multiple P&G corporate standards and was the recipient of the prestigious P&G Magnus Award for Supply Network Operations Mastery and Leadership.  As a line manager of large organizations, his leadership style was both energizing and empowering for his people.  He focused not only on keeping the executive leadership involved, but also on influencing their strategy and direction to deliver excellent results.

    Throughout his career, Mike became a sought-after Coach for personal performance and breakthrough results by bringing out the gifts of those he personally mentored. Mike enables others to grow and appreciate their self-leadership, collaboration skills, and leadership of others.

    As a Certified BrainStyles™ Coach, Mike is available for tele-coaching nationally and internationally.

  • Patricia Hayden

    Executive Coach
    Dallas, TX, USA
    Phone: 817-490-1363

    Patricia Hayden, Executive Coach

    Brainstyle: Conciliator

    Patricia Hayden, Executive Coach, is a multilingual global leadership development consultant with extensive practical experience in the field of global communications, organizational strategy and cultural competency development. She collaborates frequently with Marlane Miller, Founder of BrainStyles, Inc. to co-facilitate Coaching and Train-the Trainer seminars. Patricia specializes in partnering with and coaching both U.S. and non-U.S. senior executives and their teams regarding real time leadership and global business challenges in Latin America, Europe and the Middle East. She leads a team of consultants and associates, who advise, design, partner with and facilitate face-to-face and/or virtual solutions for individuals and teams desiring to improve their global performance through targeted strategic planning, enhanced multicultural communication skills and effective global relationship building strategies.

    Patricia has served on the U.S. Department of State Subcommittee on US Public Diplomacy and Public-Private Partnerships in previous administrations. She taught for over ten years in the Global Leadership Executive MBA Program (GLEMBA) at the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD). She is a founding member of the Board of Directors for the Harvard University-Royal College of Spain Executive Conference. She speaks fluent Spanish, French, Portuguese and English.

    Ms. Hayden is a graduate of Georgetown University, Washington, DC where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in foreign languages and international politics. She earned her Master of Arts degree from UCLA in International Economics and Latin American Studies.

    Ms. Hayden has over twenty years experience providing consulting and executive coaching services to over forty-five corporations around the world. She lives in the Dallas, Texas area.

  • Fran Ferguson

    Executive Coach
    Dallas, TX, USA
    Phone: 214-373-7773

    Fran Ferguson, Business Advisor, Executive Coach

    BrainStyle: Right-Sided Deliberator

    Fran is a Principal with Brave Business. She is responsible for evaluating business plans for raising capital and for coaching management team members personally and professionally to improve the performance of the company, She is affiliated with one of the largest troubled-company specialist firms.

    In her corporate and advisory positions, Fran is hired to address the problems affecting an organization's ability to compete. The solution to those problems resides in her ability to turn executives, managers, staff, and vendors into better business people. Fran works closely with individuals to assure forward movement on a well-defined course, holding the focus on steps they can complete successfully, and transitioning them into roles that best utilize their expertise.

    Blending analytical strength with creativity, Fran especially is effective at identifying and neutralizing counterproductive cause-and-effects; designing culturally-correct processes that support the revenue stream; selecting, developing, and driving a synergistic multi-disciplined team; and addressing the emotional and psychological issues that come with change.

    She has more than 30 years of experience starting up or turning around sales, marketing, and business development operations. She has worked with small to mid-sized companies; non-profit organizations; and international professional services firms in commercial real estate, financial services, and corporate law. She also has assisted global environmental, conservation, and faith-based organizations. Fran has been a principal, owner, or partner in five privately-held businesses.

    Fran has a Masters degree in International Management from the University of Texas School of Management (Dallas) and a Bachelors degree from the University of Missouri School of Journalism. She is registered with the Texas State Securities Board as a securities dealer restricted to activities as a Finder. Fran also holds the following certifications:

    • The BrainStyles System® Instructor/Coach
    • Pearson Assessments, Level 2 (psychological assessments relating to career planning, interests, skills, work environment, and general exploration of options for career change, retraining, or re-entry into the workforce)
    • SpiritHorse Equine-Assisted Healthcare Instructor (a process proven to be effective in moving "severely autistic" children to "significantly improved" and "non-autistic" on the CARS scale)