With BrainStyles for Lovers, you will be able to define how both you and your lover think about things - especially stressful and critical turning points in your relationship - based on the latest rescarch in brain processing, genetic studies and their psychological applications. You will be shown how to apply hard-edged knowledge with respect in the most challenging learning laboratory we have: our most intimate relationships.

You will be shown how couple from newlyweds to longterm couples have transformed fights, near-divorce, and the trials of a relationship - into a true partnership.

A partnership becomes holy when people join rogether to creare something grander than each of them. A spiritual partnership is one in which the lives and health of both partners expand exponentially in:

  • the ideas each considers
  • the reach each attains
  • the goals set and successes achieved
  • the risks taken
  • the confidence each demonstrates
  • the lives each touches with love.